Brooks Brothers, the oldest mens clothier in the United States is proud to uphold the same traditions and values since opening in 1818. Known for its tailored clothing and mens and womens apparel, Brooks Brothers craftsmanship is second to none and they are always looking to find ways to deliver on those expectations. A long-standing partner with Gerber for over 25 years, Brooks Brothers has integrated Gerber’s full suite of products, from design through production.

With a digital transformation under way, Brooks Brothers sees the need for mass customization while still providing customers with a product that is tailored to their needs.

In the past, the process required manual spreading and matching to get the quality tailored garments they were looking for, which required a lot of time, labor and steps to complete.

By using Gerber's AutoMatch, production bottlenecks were eliminated as the entire workflow from scanning through part picking required just one operator with minimal training. Production lead time and labor costs were reduced dramatically (up to 50%).

With AutoMatch, you can adjust all the matched points to ensure accuracy across all the cut parts prior to cutting. The fabric is scanned using advances in vision technology ensuring all the pattern characteristics are accurately identified. At the end of the process, you are left with precisely cut parts with patterns perfectly aligned and ready for the sew room. The key benefits of AutoMatch are as follows:

  • Automated matching that improves accuracy for most patterns
  • Automatic correction of bows, skews and repeat variances
  • Full-width image scanning for fast, accurate image capture
  • Reduced training time and labor cost through intuitive workflow
  • Eliminating the need for underlay paper and overlay film