Sweet-Orr, a workwear and protective clothing brand based in Cape Town, South Africa with 300 employees, relies on Gerber Technology for its digital solutions. A collaboration that started during the 1980s, was carried on in the 1990s and is still working well today.

protection 240x300Everyday, thousands of workers wear Sweet-Orr products in the local mining and processing companies, in the petrochemical industry, in engineering, aircraft and automotive production, in many different emergency services and in medicine; environments with the potential for all kinds of risks.

For this reason, wide-ranging material and processing tests in the company’s own laboratories form a critical element of every development and the manufacturing process. “In this field there is zero tolerance for error” is the rigorous position of the managing director John Jacobs.

Such measures are essential for the safety of the workers but represent high costs in the face of massive competition. Sweet-Orr South Africa relies on Gerber Technology’s pattern making, grading and marker making software AccuMark in its product development and cutting systems.

Reliability and precision with full data transparency means that Gerber Technology can offer efficiency, increasing the overall workflow. Throughput times are generally 10 days but can be just 5 days “in an emergency”.

At the cutting stage Gerber spreaders and multiple ply cutters are used daily: two Paragon® cutters process heavyweight denim and canvas fabrics precisely prepared in high-ply layers by the Xls Spreader, working tension-free for an average daily output of 3,500 ready pieces of garments.

In three years’ time, when the company’s 150th anniversary takes place, the aim is to have conquered a new and additional market segment – in Africa and beyond.