Gerber Innovation Center for the fashion industry

Gerber Innovation Center for the fashion industry

Continuing their quest to drive technology-based innovation for fashion industries, Gerber Technology opened their state-of-the-art Innovation Center in the heart of New York City during their annual FashionTech conference, ideation, with more than 300 attendees.

The 1.600+ square meter Innovation Center will provide visitors with a unique experience that will help them stay connected to the latest trends and technology in fashion & apparel.

“Our Innovation Center is the first of its kind in the industry,” said Mohit Uberoi, Chief Executive Officer, Gerber Technology. “Visitors will meet our experts and experience first-hand how our end-to-end platform can enable an on-demand workflow, taking personalized consumer requests from design to print, cut and sew in a matter of hours.”


“We are not aware of any other facility in the world that allows visitors to experience an end-to-end platform that features the latest 2D/3D CAD and PLM solutions, as well as Industry 4.0 enabled smart machines.”

meet fellow innovators

In addition to the end-to-end experience, the Gerber Innovation Center will also serve as an innovation hub for educational institutions and major companies from across the industry. It will be a space for partners, industry associations, students, designers and manufacturers to come together to redefine the future.

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