Hornet - Eastman's new rotary shear

Hornet - Eastman's new rotary shear

We would like to present you with the new rotary cutter from Eastman, who for over a century has designed and manufactured high quality cutting machines for professionals.
This powerful, rechargeable, professional grade cordless power tool has multiple speeds on its high torque motor giving you complete control when cutting through even the heaviest, industrial-type materials. Balance and maneuverability allows the Hornet to buzz through your workload, without binding or tearing. All in a package that weighs only 1.8 kg!

Made in USA, the Hornet comes with a 6 month warranty.

Standard blade:

hornetblade1Semi-Square: Used for 75% of cutting applications (prepreg carbon, denim, cotton, vinyl, etc.)

Other blade options:

hornetblade2Circular: Used for tighter-knit materials like lycra, polyester, silk, woven fiberglass, etc.
hornetblade3Octagon: Used for tough to cut materials like chopmat fiberglass, burlap, carpeting, etc.