Pattern Design Systems

Still designing by hand? Our complete software line for the sewn goods industries like apparel, special uniforms, upholstery, car and boat interiors, etc. can provide you with all the tools you need for pattern design, marker making, automatic nesting, 3-D visualisation and made-to-measure production. The software is complimented by a variety of digitizers, scanners and plotters along with all the necessary consumables.

Pattern design, grading and marker making

The world’s leading brands depend on CAD software to design, develop and market their products as quickly and efficiently as possible. The solutions we offer will help you work better by increasing your throughput by up to 50%, work faster by cutting your development time by up to two weeks and work smarter by reducing your physical samples by up to 50%.


A pattern digitizing system that enables you to turn your existing hard patterns into electronic files ready to be used in your CAD system.


Plotters for printing patterns and plotting markers, available in various widths depending on your needs. Plotter cutters for printing and cutting basic patterns. Easy to use and with minimum floor space requirements.

Design room consumables

We can supply you with a wide variety of design papers, from printed (with dots and numbers for designing by hand) to plotter paper, cardboard and plastic sheets. We also offer busts, sewing mannequins, rulers etc.