Packing and Storage Systems

Good storage ensures that the product arrives in the best possible condition to the final consumer. Whether you need to pack, move or store hanging garments or flat goods, our systems help you by saving time and space as well as ensuring the correct product presentatrion.

Overhead transport and storage system

Custom designed for each client's warehouse to cover existing or future needs. This system has minimal maintenance costs and the possibility to move, modify and upgrade at any time.

Folding machines

Semi-automatic folding machines for shirts and t-shirts with adjustable templates for easy folding.

Hanging garment wrapping machines

A simple range of environmentally-friendly and reliable machines are available for packaging hanging garments.

Flat goods packing machines

Semi-automatic packaging machines folded into a bag. Suitable for the apparel industry, the retail industry, white goods manufacturers, etc.

Tagging guns & fasteners

We offer a variety of tagging guns along with the relevant fasteners for apparel. accessories, home goods, etc. Specialized fasteners available for special applications.