Cutting Room Equipment

We have a large variety of spreading and cutting machinery to help you organise your production line. Easy to use, these machines increase output and are ideal for small or large productions. Our automatic single ply and multi-ply cutters guarantee quality and precision cutting, increased productivity and reduced waste. Suitable for cutting various materials such as fabric, leather, leatherette, kevlar, carbon fiber, etc. If you are cutting by hand, our lay end-cutters, straight and round knife machines, cloth drills and hot notchers speed up your production process with ease. We also stock all the necessary consumables.

Spreading tables

Sturdy, static and conveyorized spreading tables, with or without air flotation, that allow for fast, tension-free spreading. They are available in multiple lengths and widths, with surfaces to meet your needs. They can be accompanied by power feeding rails and trolleys.

Manual cutters

A diverse range of manual cutting machines (straight knives, round knives, sample cutters, etc) are available to cut a wide variety of fabrics from intricate to simple patterns. They are the basic essential for any cutting room.

Drills & marking

Drills and marking machines work through numerous layers of material allowing for easy buttonholes, darts or other markings. Available in hot and cold configurations and a variety of drills, awls and tips.

Lay cutters

Suggested for garment, bedding and curtain manufacturers. Effortless, fast and accurate spreading, cutting and clamping of cloth for square cut ends without waste

Cutting room consumables

We stock all the necessary consumables (abrasive belts, blades for round and straight knife machines, grinding stones, lubricating oils, scissors, various sprays etc) and all types of paper (Kraft, Micro-Perforated, Macro-Perforated, Tissue and Nylon (Polyethelene) suitable for all types of cutters) for your cutting room.

Band knives

Suitable for the precise cutting of small parts, these machines are ideal for underwear, swimwear and furniture manufacturers amongst others. Easy-to-use and highly efficient equipment that allows you to cut textiles and foam (cotton, knitted fabrics, synthetic fabrics, insulation, etc.) with high precision and efficiency. Machines are available in different sizes.

Rag cutters

Used by hundreds of companies as a means of making rags, disposable wipes and towels. Ideal for repurposing expensive scrap materials.

Spreading machines

Automated spreaders are ideal for a wide range of material applications. They ensure that all material rolls are spread without tension and that the edges are aligned perfectly.

Single ply cutters

Single ply cutters are ideal for small-lot jobs such as made-to-measure, samples and prototypes, short production runs or supplemental production of popular items. These high speed machines are engineered for accuracy and designed to cut a wide variety of materials. Powerful vacuum systems hold material firmly in place during cutting to ensure cut parts quality, increased efficiency, improved productivity and reduced errors and training time.

Multi-ply cutters

Our automated multi-ply cutters are easy to use, easy to maintain and capable of producing cut parts that are perfect the first time, every time. By cutting up to 8cm of vacuum compressed material, these cutters are designed to address the needs of mid to high volume manufacturers. Operators don't require prior cutting experience and can cut large numbers of units daily in a 24x7, multi-shift environment, increasing workflow and shortening lead times.