Ironing Equipment

Correct ironing and finishing is an important factor in the final appearance and commercial value of garments. Our ironing and finishing solutions include irons, steam generators, ironing boards, ironing tables, presses, finishers and are accompanied by all the necessary consumables.

Ironing boards and tables

Industrial ironing boards & tables, ideal for professionally ironing garments. We offer a wide range of boards & tables, with inbuilt or separate steam generators, strong suction and blowing power and with ergonomically designed swivel arms for narrower or more intricate parts. All of our ironing boards & tables can be equipped with a support iron gantry and lighting system for easier ironing and more visibility.


Ergonomically designed and lightweight, we offer a large range of industrial high pressure steam irons, seam irons and dry irons to cover all your needs. Ideal for the garment industry, textile refinishers, textile care, laundry and tailor shops.

Steam generators

Available in various sizes, steam generators provide a constant supply of high pressure steam to your iron for non-stop, stress-free ironing. When purchasing a steam generator you should definitely pay attention to the necessary boiler size in litres, energy (kW) and the required pressure of the boiler. These criteria are decisive for the optimal compatibility of the steam generator and its application.

Ironing presses

Available in various styles and with various bucks to suit your ironing needs, ironing presses can cut your ironing time in half. Ideal for the underpressing and final pressing of garments including specific machines for shirts and suits.

Finishing equipment

Industrial finishers are ideal for final garment finishing, a perfect solution for people who need as much flexibility as possible like drycleaners, garment logistics and fashion retailers. For general use or garment specific.

Fusing presses

We provide specialised top and flat fusing machines and consumables for all types of clothing, providing a high level of quality of the fused parts that is not altered by washing and/or dry cleaning.

Ironing consumables

We supply all necessary consumables for ironing including pads, covers (foams, needlefelts, mesh, etc), cleaning sprays and soles.